Fighting for our rights? Better together (ENGLISH)


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships". It's a quote attributed to Michael Jordan, one of the best athletes of the history. It doesn't matter how good you are defending your interests: if you do it on your own you won't go very far.

In Spain and many other countries there's plenty of patient and diabetes associations and federations, at a local and national level. They are essential for our community, given that they allow us to have a human group nearby where we can share our experiences and thoughts, organize activities, be informed about our rights, etc. 

When it comes to defending our rights, associations need of two conditions if they want to be effective: they need to be strong and they need to be united. And the only way to make them grow and get stronger is by getting all the people with diabetes be part of them.

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We need more people involved and more associations collaborating. If we don't work together, we won't get any improvements.

(Photo of Brais Dacal at his local association in Barcelona, Spain)

What improvements would you like to get for your diabetes, your son's or your couple's, for example? Do you want your government paying for CGM's and new technologies? Do you want your public health system to include better treatments? More and better supplies? More diabetes education?

Whatever of these you're trying to get, we'll only be capable of fighting efficiently if we are a strong, solid and well represented group. We know that out there there's a lot of available tools that can make our life with diabetes much easier and provide us with a better quality of life, but for some reason we haven't gotten them yet. Even if they're proven to be cost-effective and provide with better results in treatments - it's something unbelievable!

That's why I encourage you to go and join your local association. These groups of patients, and all of us, need you. Your support will be really helpful, and only with involved people we'll be able to stay strong and obtain better conditions for our daily life with diabetes.

See you at your association!

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