What's this blog about? (ENGLISH)

We'll be tackling the world's challenges of now and tomorrow, and we would love you to join us on this journey.

This blog hopes to be a platform of dissemination about health, culture and other interesting contents, where only true and transparent information will be shown.

A place of reunion for everyone (patients, professionals...) about health and diabetes, based on scientific evidence and truth, where you will always have a say.

A site where you will find other interesting topics, regarding sustainable development, the future of our cities, cultural contents, inspirational personal stories...

Great leaders, experts and professionals will be interviewed and they will let us know how they are impacting the world for the good.

This blog will try to be a tool where everyone can share thoughts and constructive opinions, as well as learn and contribute to improve a tiny bit our lifestyles and our society.

This blog, is also yours.

We'll be shortly in Twitter (@braisdacalblog). Let us know what you think, and see you soon!



Education and unbiased information are keys to a better society 

Join us in our journey!