About Brais Dacal

An early type 1 diabetes diagnose when he was 7 years old didn't wreck Brais Dacal's dreams.

But Brais had to face many obstacles since then. He was denied dozens of sports, social and working opportunities. He lived daily with a senseless stigma that slowed down his personal growing and development in many occasions: "you can't do this...", "you won't be able to do that...", "you shouldn't...".

Nevertheless, his commitment and hard work allowed him to overtake most of those obstacles: he was a cyclist at an international level for 6 years; he studied in many universities and disciplines; he lives a full and healthy life; he works on several personal projects as well as projects with other entities and organizations...

Along the way he was lucky to find a few people empowering him to not give up. Being part of the first all diabetes professional cycling team, Team Novo Nordisk, changed his life and it was one of the key factors on his decision of dedicate his time to help others.

Now Brais, 25, spends part of his life working to eliminate those stigmas and limits surrounding diabetes, all of them untrue and unfair. He's a global advocate for diabetes and health, and he hopes his example can be useful for others in order to empower them to pursue their dreams, no matter what problems come up on the way.

Brais is also aware of other problems of the world and takes an active role on type 2 diabetes and obesity prevention; promote healthy lifestyles; sustainable development; helping those undergoing difficulties, conflict resolution...you can learn more about it reading our Objectives.

Diabetes will only slow you down if you let it. To avoid that, you only need proper management and hard work - that’s the way to achieve your goals.
— Brais Dacal
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